IACK first came to being in 2017 as an atelier-workshop space for photographer Yukihito Kawano. The IACK space is imagined as a “personal study made open to the public” – on the weekends, IACK manages its own store and gallery – exhibiting and selling art works from both Japan and abroad with an emphasis on contemporary photography. The space also organizes different exhibitions and acts as a distributor for works by independent overseas publishers and private publishers.




In 2020, all the events we witnessed on our screens almost instantaneously became reality for us in our immediate surroundings. Amidst it all, we wondered: is there anything we can do in these times? Does the world really need art right now? As storefronts were forced to close their doors, these questions, along with a vague sense of unease, pervaded our minds. It was at that time that we first found out that Wolfgang Tillmans, who so often had pioneered direct action in the face of numerous other events, had started a new initiative. Reflecting on our experience participating in the 2020Solidarity campaign, we realize that Tillman’s campaign acted not only to provide substantial support for different art facilities, but also helped the art-lover community continue operating on without interruption. It’s our hope at IACK to carry on the legacy of our supporters, the kind words they have given us, and Tillmans’ own wishes and stance as an artist on to future generations. We would like to offer our deep thanks to Mr. Tillmans and to the Between Bridges team for bringing this wonderful initiative to fruition.