Manuela Kay, CEO of Special Media SDL publishing. Publishing house of the queer magazines SIEGESSÄULE and L-MAG.




The project 2020Solidarity was launched soon after the spread of the pandemic.

What was your first impression when you learned about the project?

We met with Wolfgang Tillmans and he basically created the project for us initially when we asked him to support our fundraising campaign. It was first only connected to the SIEGESSÄULE-fundraising campaign but then spread wider in order to support other projects and activities.


How did the pandemic impact your organization?

We lost the biggest part of our advertisement customers and during lockdown the most of our distribution outlets in Berlin had to be closed for several weeks. So our magazine SIEGESSÄULE, which is entirely financed through ads from cultural events, retail stores etc, was struggling to survive.


What did your organization gain by participating in 2020Solidarity?

(doesn’t have to be specific results; you may talk about your impressions of having participated in the project)

Huge solidarity and the motivation to keep hanging on in there. Also an amount of money through donations that helped us survive the pandemic related crisis.


A message to Between Bridges and Wolfgang Tillmans.

We cannot thank you enough for saving us!