The ART BOOK VENDING MACHINE (ABVM) is a machine through which you can sell your art books and zines to customers. This is an option available to the overseas-based exhibitors participating in the Online Venue. We have already asked whether you wish to participate or not in your application, but even if you answered no, you may still participate in the ABVM. Please read the following additional information for your reconsideration. 


At the Offline Venue (Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo) of the TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR, we are going to set up a large-scale ABVM, where we will exhibit and sell the books of the exhibitors of the Online Venue. Once a customer selects a book they wish to purchase among the samples on display, it will be provided to them via the ABVM. We present a unique opportunity for visitors to encounter artbooks. Please consider participating in the ABVM, the centerpiece project of TABF2021 that links its two venues, Offline and Online. 



Period: Thursday, October 28 - Sunday, October 31, 2021

Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo


Consignment terms: The exhibitor will receive 70% of the local retail (selling) price by the end of December 2021. 

Amount: Up to 10 titles, 50 copies maximum (you may choose the allocation of the number of copies for each title). 



(1) 10 titles x 5 copies each = 50 copies in total

(2) 3 titles x 10 copies each + 4 titles x 5 copies each = 50 copies (7 titles) in total 


The deadline for the ABVM Submission List is 11:59 pm JST, Friday, 24 September 2021



・You can download the ABVM Submission List from HERE

・We will confirm your participation in the ABVM once we receive your Submission List. 

・We will create product labels for the books based on the information provided in the Submission List. 

・The TABF team will generate a QR code for your individual booths in the Online Venue and label the submitted books. 

・When scanned by a smartphone device at the Offline Venue, the QR code leads to the individual booth page in the Online Venue (URL) of the exhibitor who submitted the book. Not only can the visitors purchase the books at the ABVM, but they also can communicate with exhibitors at the Online booths or purchase books online.   

・If you wish to cancel after making your submission, please make sure to let us know by 11:59 pm JST, Thursday, 30 September 2021. No sudden cancellation will be accepted due to the preparation process of the exhibition. 

・At the Offline Venue, we will put up a sign listing the names of exhibitors participating at the ABVM.


 The deadline for the date of delivery is 11:59 pm JST, Sunday, 3 October 2021


・Shipping fee: Exhibitors are responsible for both delivery and return shipping costs.

・The return shipping cost will be deducted from the proceeds of the sales of your books. 

・Please submit the ABVM Submission List in the attached Excel format. 

・The TABF team will manage all aspects of the consignment sale of your books.



Important points to note regarding SUBMISSIONS

・Submissions are limited to titles published in fall 2019 or later.

・Please provide one viewing copy (sample) per title.

・Consider providing protective measures for the sample books (i.e. book covers), as they will be touched and viewed by many visitors.  

・Prepare a viewing copy separate from the number of copies you intend to put on sale. 

   (Send us max. 50 copies + 1 viewing copy per title)

・Indicate which book is the viewing copy. If we cannot identify your viewing copy, we will select one copy to use as a sample from the batch. 

・Submissions are limited to artbooks—miscellaneous items (such as CDs, T-shirts, totebags, stickers, and badges) or books that contain food, plants, living things, or liquids will be excluded. 

・The size limit is up to 257×364mm. For thin books (e.g. tabloid format), please package them in a way that they can be displayed in an upright position, e.g. by placing thick paper inside its cover.

Exhibitors are responsible for both delivery and return shipping costs.


Important points to note regarding SHIPPING

・You can download the “Delivery Label" from HERE

・Please fill out the necessary information on the  “Delivery Label” and attach it to the outer box of all packages.

・Be sure to package your books carefully to avoid damages that might occur during shipment.



Part of the books submitted to the ART BOOK VENDING MACHINE will also be put on sale on the TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2021’s special website within ZOZOTOWN, one of the biggest online fashion retailers in Japan. This will be an online shopping option available to customers based in Japan, and we expect this endeavor to increase the inflow of ZOZOTOWN users to the TABF website, thereby furthering the diversity of the customer base of the TABF.  


・We will photograph the samples you will have provided us by EOD JST, 3 October 2021, and upload the images on the ZOZOTOWN website. 

・The photographs will be of the book’s cover and some of its contents. 

・If you would like to specify pages to be photographed, please indicate them in the sample book, i.e., by placing Post-it notes between the desired pages. You may select up to 5 spreads. 

・If the books don’t arrive by the above deadline, you may not be able to sell your books on ZOZOTOWN or the sales period may be delayed. 


Delivery Address



2-10-3-1 Ebisuminami Shibuya-ku Tokyo

150-0022 Japan

Tel: +81-3-3713-8670


If you have any questions regarding this email, please feel free to contact the TABF team (

*Please refrain from contacting the venue, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, regarding matters concerning the TABF 2021.