The Podcast “ZINE’S MATE Podcast” by TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR now begins! 

In this podcast, we will be interviewing exhibitors at this year’s ZINE’S MATE area. We hope this to be a chance for you to hear about various stories behind their practice and to enjoy the book fair even better. 

In the first broadcast, the TABF team will be discussing why we began this podcast and what not to miss from the book fair!


* We are accepting application until July 22nd 2022! The details of the open call is on the TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR website. Join us!





* This episode will be in Japanese only.


Presented by:

  • Yusuke Nakajima (POST Director/TABF Director)
  • Shie Okabe (UTRECHT Director/TABF Project Manager)
  • Naoko Higashi (Photography magazine IMA Editor/TABF Project Manager)
  • Akira Kuroki (MAEDA DESIGN LLC. Editor/ZINE’S MATE Area Director) 



  • TABF2022 opens in October 🙌
  • About this podcast


  • What is an art book fair?! 📚
  • The new division of 4 areas (Entrance, Printer, Exhibition Space, ZINE’S MATE)


  • Switching to the new name: ZINE’S MATE
  • Why ZINE’S MATE?
  • Anecdotes from the 1st TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR


  • Is the growth of a book fair a matter of increasing scale?
  • Changes from the pandemic💫
  • Art book fairs in the future
  • TABF team is enjoying the fair as much as the exhibitors


  • Why we started the podcast🌈
  • Changes since Yusuke Nakajima took over as director
  • The balance between what’s already been established and the younger generation


  • This year’s guest country: France🇫🇷
  • Kids oriented programs for the first time
  • To support the growth of the next-next generations




Date: October 27th - 30th 2022

Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo






*This Podcast will be recorded using the video conferencing tool “Zoom”