This page is a collection of frequently asked questions and answers about Steidl Book Award Japan.
Please read this page before contacting us.

Can I apply although I do not live in Japan?

This award is only for artists who are based in Japan, therefore the people who live outside of Japan are not eligible.  However, artists who are currently working in Japan, such as artist in residence who are able to join the book review in November, are eligible.

Should the dummy book be completed when applying for the award?

A dummy book is the work process that gives an idea of the final book, therefore there is a possibility that the details of the book may be revised. The details and the specifications may be brushed up during the process of making the final book together with STEIDL after the award.  However, you can not change any content of the dummy book or any other submission details once the application is completed.

Can I use a bookbinding company or on-demand printing to make the dummy book?

Yes, you can. There is no restriction on binding or printing.

Do you accept a text-only dummy book such as a novel or poem written in Japanese?

Yes, if it was made as an art book. There is no restriction in expressional approach.

What kind of PDF file should I submit?

The PDF file is needed in the process of jury.
Please see below for the detail.


[Submission Detail]
– The file needs to be PDF format containing either design data or image data by copying or scanning of all the pages.
– The file should be under 5MB.
– The name of the file: JP-00_NAME.pdf (ENTRYno_artist’s name.pdf)

[How to submit]
– Please upload the file from the designated web page after the application deadline.
(or by email)
* Once the application is closed, we will send further details to the applicants by email.

Can I apply the award without taking part in The Tokyo Art Book Fair?

Yes, you can apply the award without having a booth in The Tokyo Art book Fair.
The people who apply for having a booth in The Tokyo Art Book Fair can of course join the Steidl Book Award Japan as well. (In addition, a ¥3,000 application fee is required.)