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ヴォルフガング・ティルマンス氏とBetween Bridgesにメッセージをどうぞ。

力強く文化を支え、民主主義と人道主義の発展に献身し、これらを育む大胆なキャンペーンを実行したBetween Bridgesとヴォルフガング・ティルマンス氏に感謝します。




254Forest is a creative work space based in Brussels (BE) linked to visual arts and music. We host a co-working space, a photo studio, sound studios and an exhibition space with a genuine curated programmation. Since 2020, thanks to great collaborations, we are developing our own creative content which is leading us to soon become an online media platform.

Instagram: @254Forest




The project 2020Solidarity was launched soon after the spread of the pandemic.

What was your first impression when you learned about the project?

We knew about Between Bridges and have been in touch with them to spread the posters of their Vote Together campaign back in 2019. When we heard about 2020Solidarity, we thought it was such a great and generous initiative put together by a great artist with other great artists, to support culture and small organisation like ours.


How did the pandemic impact your organization?

We were closed and weren’t able to present any exhibition for a few months.


What did your organization gain by participating in 2020Solidarity?

(doesn’t have to be specific results; you may talk about your impressions of having participated in the project)

We gained around a thousand euros, from which the entire amount has been reinjected in the organisation to support artists and cultural projects of our programmation. We also gain in visibility.


A message to Between Bridges and Wolfgang Tillmans.

Thank you Between Bridges & Wolfgang Tillmans for your strong support to Culture, but also for your bold campaigns and commitment for more democracy and humanity.