The “Steidl Book Award Asia,” a dummy-book award established spring of last year, came into being on the occasion of the “1001 Steidl Books” exhibition in Singapore — held at the photography-focused independent art space, DECK. This autumn, Steidl plans to publish “8 Books from Asia,” featuring the collections of eight artists — selected from a pool of dummy books collected from all across Asia. For this year’s Tokyo Art Book Fair, DECK co-founder and director Gwen Lee, art director Theseus Chan (who also took part in editing), as well as the award-winning artists will be making the journey here to Japan. At our venue not only will one find a special exhibition, but we will also be featuring a talk-event among winners of both the Steidl Book Award Asia and the Steidl Book Award Japan. The eight award-winning collections will also be on sale preceding their official Japanese domestic release.


Award winners 
Broy Lim 『and now they know』

Park Jongwoo 『DMZ』

Yukari Chikura『 fluorite fantasia』

Robert Zhao『A Guide To Flora And Fauna of the World』

Jake Verzosa 『The Last Tattooed Women Of Kalinga』

Kapil Das『Lumpy Gravy』

Zhang Lijie 『Midnight Tweedle』

Woong Soak Teng 『Ways To Tie Trees』


Cooperation :DECK、Steidl