When: October 5th (Thursday) – October 8th (Sunday), 2017

Where: Exhibition Space (Floor B)


This year marks the 80th anniversary of “Hanatsubaki,” Shiseido’s corporate culture magazine. Since first commencing with publishing in 1937, Hanatsubaki has continuously presented a rich array of information –  spanning from beauty, fashion, art, literature, as well as the information on state-of-the-art science – with the health and beauty of the Japanese woman in mind.


Across the span of its eighty-year history, Shiseido has released an astounding 817 issues of Hanatsubaki; for this exhibition, we have painstakingly selected a collection of memorable magazine covers to display for spectators. Take this chance to come face-to-face with the magazine’s various covers, and let their designs take you on a journey across time.


Hanatsubaki’s 2017 winter issue, commemorating its 80th anniversary and centering around the theme of “Art de Vivre (Art of Living)” will be distributed to guests at the exhibition venue – free of charge.



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“The Future of ‘Girl Culture'”

October 6th (Friday), 6:00-8:00 PM

Speakers: Madoka Yamazaki, Noriko Nakazato

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Introducing Madoka Yamazaki, the editor responsible for the “80 Years of Hanatsubaki” section as part of the special supplement booklet “Hanatsubaki Bunko,” included within Hanatsubaki’s winter edition for this year. Yamazaki comes into conversation with Noriko Nakazato, an artist shouldering the creative future of ‘Girl Culture.’ The two speakers provide us with an intersection of their perspectives while they shift their gaze to the ‘now’ of Girl Culture, as well as making predictions on how it will evolve into the future.



“HANATSUBAKI Magazine: Now & Then”

October 7th (Saturday), 4:00-5:30 PM

Speakers: Masayoshi Nakajo, Katsuhiko Shibuya, Madoka Yamazaki

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This discussion centers around the dialogue between two art-directors, serving as integral figures in the context of Hanatsubaki’s 80 years of history – Masayoshi Nakajo and Katsuhiko Shibuya. Welcoming Madoka Yamazaki as host and moderator, the discussion goes into depth about the allure of Hanatsubaki, particularly from a visual point of view.


*We will be preparing specially-made bags commemorating the 80th anniversary of “Hanatsubaki” as gifts for talk-event attendees.