The Kiyosato Museum of Contemporary Art, established in 1990 by four brothers with their private funds and regrettably closed in 2014, was a private museum that collected contemporary artworks mainly by Joseph Beuys, Arnolf Rainer, and Fluxus. The second-eldest brother Shugo Ito served as its director; the third-eldest, Shingo, a junior high school art teacher, was in charge of collecting the collection and directing exhibitions; and the eldest brother Shumi and youngest Katsuro financially backed the museum.

In September 2022, the "Kiyosato Museum of Contemporary Art Archive Book Project" was launched to archive the books, materials, and ephemera of the museum collection. The first of the series Ephemera was published in May 2023, which will be followed by Fluxus (Volume 2) and Joseph Beuys (Volume 3). 

This exhibition will display a part of the Kiyosato Museum of Contemporary Art's former collection, creating an opportunity for visitors to experience the museum's innovative sensibility via its private collection.